UMPH SAMPLER black, green, pu erh tea
UMPH SAMPLER black, green, pu erh tea
Lounge Chair Lapsang: lapsang souchong black tea, cherries, cornflowers, natural caramel and wild cherry flavor.Man Cave tea: honeybush, oolong and pu erh teas, red safflower, natural almond and hazelnut flavors.Sugar Daddy tea: green tea, orange peels, hibiscus, rose hips, ginger pieces, natural ginseng and orange flavor.
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A collection of three teas that were formulated with guys in mind.

Sugar Daddy is bursting with the energy of life-affirming ginseng green tea.

Man Cave has the earthy whiff of leather and beer nuts.

Lounge Chair Lapsang is a cup filled with the aroma of Dad's favorite pipe or a contraband stogy.

The dad or man in your life is sure to savor all three.

Full leaf tea in pyramid bags.

Tea Type Black
Tea Type Oolong
Tea Type Green
Best Used By 2 years
Country of Origin USA - blended in the USA
Leaf Description Flavored
Leaf Description Blended
Suggested Water Temperature Full Boil
Suggested Water Temperature 165-185 degrees (separate bubbles to streams of bubbles)
Suggested Water Temperature 185-200 degrees (larger bubbles to streams of bubbles)
Suggested Infusion Time 30 seconds to 3 minutes
Suggested Infusion Time 3 to 5 minutes
Suggested Infusion Time 5 to 10 minutes
Suggested amount of water 8-12 ounces
Multiple Infusions
Add milk and/or sugar? If preferred
Iced Tea or Hot Tea? Great infused as hot tea
Ice Tea or Hot Tea? Exceptional as Iced Tea
Holiday Special at Valentine's Day
Holiday Remarkable for Father's Day
Remarkable as a Gift
Seasonal Enjoy year 'round
Packaging Tea in bags only
Antioxidants Good source of antioxidants
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