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     For those of us who have slathered clotted cream on our warm scones, no further description is needed. Yes, the choice of name is unfortunate. For those of you who have not yet experienced real clotted cream, read on. 

     Traditionally, clotted cream is created by straining fresh cow's milk, letting it stand in a shallow pan in a cool place for several hours to allow the cream to rise to the surface, then heating before a slow cooling.  The cream that rises to the surface and "clots" is skimmed off and is what is called clotted cream.  It forms the essential part of a Cream Tea served with scones, berries, and desserts.  The best clotted cream is said to have a good, firm crust atop smooth, thick cream.  
     Here in the U.S., we might recognize clotted cream as a cross between butter and whipped cream.  Real clotted cream is only made in Southwest England.  The reason why you may not have heard of clotted cream or that it hasn’t become more popular is that it has an extremely short shelf life.  It is very hard to find, here in the US and costs on the expensive side. But we have it here at Tea Lover Teas. 
We are able to keep clotted cream in stock most of the time, we have a reliable British food wholesale importer not far away. We purchase clotted cream in the spring and fall season and sell it until we run out.

     5.6 ounce jar. Ingredients: pasteurised Clotted Cream from milk. Shelf stable, but storing in the refrigerator extends life. We keep our clotted cream refrigerated before shipping.

     We also sell clotted cream in the gift basket design called Quintessentially English on our sister site Tea Lover Gift Baskets.  Please take a look. It's the perfect gift for British Ex-Patriots and Afternoon Tea Lovers. 
Best Used By 06/30/2019
Country of Origin England
Holiday Great for Mother's Day
Holiday Special at Valentine's Day
Remarkable as a Gift
Seasonal Enjoy year 'round
Features Benefits
Imported from England - the 'real thing' Special treat with scones at teatime
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