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Citrus Chamomile Blend offers a fruity floral cup that tastes wonderful.

Always fresh and of better quality.

Herbal teas with chamomile flowers are known for their ability to relax the body and settle the stomach. Citrus Chamomile Blend is no exception. With it's golden infusion and seductive aroma, this herbal tea is punctuated with red hibiscus flower petals and slivers of orange peel.

Tea Type Herbal
Tea Type No caffeine
Best Used By 2 years
Country of Origin Africa
Leaf Description Blended in the USA
Suggested Water Temperature Full Boil
Suggested Infusion Time 5 to 10 minutes
Suggested amount of water 8-12 ounces
Add milk and/or sugar? Not recommended
Seasonal Cold Months
Seasonal Warm Months
Iced Tea or Hot Tea? Great infused as hot tea
Ice Tea or Hot Tea? Exceptional as Iced Tea
Seasonal Enjoy year 'round
Packaging Loose leaf or in bags
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