TLT    BERRY NICE SPICE herbal tea
TLT    BERRY NICE SPICE herbal tea
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A delicious spicy and fruity herbal tea blend (tisane). Apples and mixed berries add the juicy fruitiness to the rich mild spiciness. Hibiscus lends the deep vibrant fuchsia color and slightly tart finish.


Ingredients: apple & mixed berry bits, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, hibiscus


Infusion directions: Infuse in 8-12 ounces of boiling, spring water for 5 to 10 minutes. The longer the tea is infused, the more pronounced the hibiscus tartness.


Aroma: This attractive herbal tea blend smells spicy with a fruity finish – warm and inviting. You would love to have a candle or potpourri that smelled like this tea.


Liquor: A deep, rich fuchsia color, thanks to the hibiscus. It looks like grape juice but instead of purple, you see fuchsia around the edge of the liquor.


Taste: A well-blended, satisfying infusion. Almost like drinking a light, warm berry juice, but not as sweet. The hibiscus finish is mildly tart.


Note: The infused tea is great to use in baking recipes afterwards, add instead of fruit to muffins, pancakes, breads or cupcakes.Store in refrigerator until needed.


Other names: Chai Nog

Also named: Chai Nog
Tea Type Herbal
Tea Type No caffeine
Best Used By 2 years
Country of Origin USA
Leaf Description Blended
Suggested Water Temperature Full Boil
Suggested Infusion Time 5 to 10 minutes
Suggested amount of water 8-12 ounces
Add milk? Not recommended
Add sugar? If preferred
Iced Tea or Hot Tea? Great infused as hot tea
Ice Tea or Hot Tea? Exceptional as Iced Tea
Holiday Great for Mother's Day
Remarkable as a Gift
Seasonal Enjoy year 'round
Packaging Loose leaf or in bags
Antioxidants Good source of antioxidants
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